Zidane wins against Setin in his first war, how did he do it?!

In The Clásico, it wasn't far from "classics," it was a different evening, different tactics, new ideas and unconventional styles. The toothless blaugrana was sharp in front of Courtois, not even the reliable Lionel was far from them.
It was 2-0 in front of the Blancos, and could be more. Yes, the visitors had chances too, but they were moving fast, as Gerard Pique alluded to after the game.

If Setin could not impose a lot of his ideas, he did what he wanted, he did the job he required in his first war with Barça against Real Madrid Zidane.

Let's start with the details directly without bidding, here we review the most prominent cases and ideas imposed by both coaches,

In real's defensive situation, Zidane imposed the forward line of defence against the two-attack ing (pic 1). Zidane is known to offer his line of defence only in exceptions. Well, why this exception against the persa? Because:
1) Griezmann is fast compared to ramos and Varane. So the binaries with him will win it, unless you block his progress from the beginning, and you certainly won't beat him to disable it. But force him to sneak out of the high line and the second third of your defense. So it won't move easily between my heart of defense.
2) Ramos often leaves his place and advances with one of the strikers, especially Messi, who was on his side, so he remains in the back three or two from Varane, Carvaand and Marcelo. This makes it easier for them to do the high line because they are few in number and fast on the same horizontal line.

This helped the Real madridist to ease the offensive push by Gersiman, Vidal or De Young when they move quickly from the back forward, which they sometimes use when they have space or when they attack a late-center editing defense. At the same time he gained another advantage, namely the advanced pressure of the defense on the ball carrier, when Messi moves between the lines with ramos or Casemiro so it will be difficult to skip them and pass easily and play the usual ball from him he resorted to the back or horizontal pass towards the ends to open the pitch.

We are still in the defense strategy, and as we know that pressure is the first defender of the team, the pressure exerted by real players where Zidane did not rely on one form of pressure, but he mixed high pressure and medium but in a better way combined the two, where in cases where the ball is with the possession of Ter Stegen is not To pressure him with an outspoken player, but the rest of the players and defenders are monitored so that the player is not lost from Real in exchange for freeing a player for the press and the pressure line is easily hit. We return to arrigo Sake's saying: "Having a live and effective defence means that you are the one who is the one who is in charge of the game even if the opponent has the ball, the suffocating pressure is an additional weapon but requires an organized team and a strong energy," perhaps an illustration of the pressure that Zidane put on the barça defence.

Although the Bulldogs contained three of the world's best regista players, Busquets, De Young and Arthur, the pressure was holding back their movement with the ball. Often one of the midfield ers at 4-3-1-2 for Persa to return from the middle to the defensive third to receive the ball from Stegen and try to distribute it to the parties to come out the ball under the pressure of real (pic 2).

"When we have the ball, you have to keep your eyesight in the direction and then the steering, the ball first, and then any concentration between the ball and the opponent, then the teammate, you must always keep a proper distance," says Marco Giampaolo. I used that saying because I found a practical application of it on the field, and I mention the dahiya Benzema and his movements without the ball, where when all the individuals return to the defensive half of the team, the task of Benzo is to press the heart of the defense of the persa or at least pressure under the ball with the help of Valverde Vinicius (pic 3). When a Real Player approaches the ball carrier, he puts in mind the path of moving the ball before passing it and then watches the future of the ball or cuts it quickly before reaching it. Their proximity to each other helped them exchange balls quickly and thus the rapid transformation is done to the fullest.

When The Persa reaches the offensive third for them begins vidal's official job without the ball, where he is stationed with one of the heart of the defense always, then pulls him either forward and then moves Messi behind him or fix the heart of the defense and then moves Messi comfortably in front of the line of defense to pass or shoot. It happened in the encounter where Griezmann and Vidal swerved centrally to occupy the centrebacks until Messi was allowed to fall in the rear. So Barcelona often played with diamond midfield and Messi is the head of diamonds. It is a usual method of presa especially in the recent period after the absence of Suarez. It was easy to read that idea from Zidane, which made him instruct Valverde to neighbour casemiro in the rear to cover the playing industry area and prevent any progress from it. When Valverde turns to the far right, Cross falls next to Cassie to cover as well.

In the offensive process of Real, of course he relied on Vinicius's hand for his speed of transformation as well as his ability to control the ball while running out, but strangely enough, Semedo did not lose or face the duo of Vinicius and gain all the contacts due to the physical strength of both players. However, when Vinicius was moving on the line, he took great care to stay away from Semedo, until he reached the penalty area and then decided either to make a key pass or to dodge or to return to Marcelo to avoid the bilateral conflicts he quickly lost. But when the ball is with Marcelo on the left wing, Vinnie automatically moves into the penalty area as a second striker next to Benzema, and also includes Valverde from the right to wait for the occasional ball from Marcelo.

Now comes the role of the principle of spinama, there is no doubt that exposing the stadium is a necessity to open the gaps and dismantle the opponent's lines horizontally is known, filling the spaces along the stadium is impossible, while it is possible but necessary on the width of the stadium, not only to try to penetrate through the limbs and look for the 1 against 1, but to expose and Expanding the field helps to penetrate through the depth as well, we find that the depth and the limbs are not isolated from each other, so Karim pulls the opponent to the end of the pitch and open the pitch, which leads to the emergence of spaces deep field exploited by Isco, and vice versa also depth when the benzema moves vertically forward and backward Helps to penetrate across both sides of the pitch, and has succeeded several times both on the right when Valverde is positioned as a midfield winger, or on the left when Vinicius moves at his speed.

"All the coaches talk about movement, about running a lot, I say don't run too much the idea of a foot played with the mind, it has to be in the right place at the right moment, neither before nor late." Michel Bryant reminds us that "the ability of the mind and its potential has a tremendous impact, as movement and decision-making quickly will only be done through the intuitive processes of the mind" and this is what happens with Toni Kroos, the player has good vision and the work of field scanning in a precise and quick manner, as we saw in the goal of Vinicius where he Referring to the empty space, he noticed it before everyone even before the barista players, and when he pointed carvajal came from the middle and moved in that space to receive the ball, but he stopped and retreated when he found Pique ahead of him to cover. Benzema also played a big role in the goal as I installed Semedo with him to watch him and prevent him from progressing with Vinicius. So, If He had a central sense of the space in which he was, he would move in from the beginning without cross indicating. But it was his lack of experience that made Cross remind him to move in the empty space. In addition to braithwaite's poor body position to cover up the movement of Vinicius's column

Football is a dynamic game in the first place and without it the team can not destabilize the opponent and open the spaces, if distinguishing the spaces first and then reaching them in time. Secondly, the "time/place" are two basic years inseparable in determining the quality of movement, the movement is not only for movement but also for the sake of movement, but to know where, when and to look for quality before quantity, running alone does not work. When applied to the game, casemiro, Kroos, Valverde, Isco and Benzema did the job. They moved in many areas of the stadium, everywhere and every area you find a triangle consisting of them, to make it easier to step up the ball and build, as well as to penetrate all the lines of persa to reach the goal of Stegen.

Zidane got the product of his work and the effort of his players, as well as Setin applied ideas but did not work with him. In the end, they both gave us a fun and exciting match that we haven't used to this in the Clásico for a long time. Waiting for the outcome of the upcoming matches of the two teams in La Liga.

hussein Mohamed
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