UAE Football Federation: Holding UAE League matches without fans

The UAE Football Federation announced in a statement issued on Wednesday, the establishment of all sports matches of all kinds of different categories without fans during the coming period.

"The decision to hold matches without fans was a preventive measure against the spread of the Coronavirus," the statement said in a statement posted on the UAE Football Federation's Twitter feed.

The Professional League announced last Sunday some changes to the schedule of the 18th and 19th rounds of the Arab Gulf Football League, adding that this decision came after the postponement of the Asian Football Confederation, including al-Ain, Al Wahda, Sharjah and Al Ahli Youth in the round The third of the AFC Champions League group stage on 5 and 6 November, this decision was taken for fear of an outbreak in the moment.

The UAE Federation has not announced any decision regarding the return of fans to the matches from Jadida, as the words were only "from the date of the stand until further notice".

The UAE has detected a number of new cases of MERS-CoV in recent days.

Real Betis removes Real Madrid from the top of the league, analysis of the game.

Betis and the deserved victory to remove Zidane from the top of the standings and give preference to Barça.

Analysis: Ahmed Hamdi ✍️

In the first half, Madrid dominated the match by a large percentage, but the exploitation of that possession and translation into a corner or even chances was few. The offensive depth at Real was so weak as the supply. This is because Vinicius and Vasquez are positioned on the maximum sides of the line, so relying on them will be in the process of rotating the ball between the two sides only. On the right side, the offensive stops were not many because of Vasquez's lack of technical abilities, he did not go too deep, but it was enough to make the traditional winger who stays on the side and makes the cross. But Vinicius uses his skills to make a break with Marcelo and therefore rely on that side for many periods of the game.

Militao as a right-back did not do his part properly, as he did not improve positioning in the right place and at the right time, which led to the emergence of large areas behind him where he was climbing the left wing of Betis Alex Moreno. Sometimes Militao and Vasquez were deceived in that tactical campaign so that Canales was in the middle and Militao was watching him, and at the same time Moreno escaped in the empty space and was easily exploited because of the poor coverage behind Militao.

Poor one who doesn't have a poor,
The Frenchman arrives and wanders in the front third with ease and ease, his moves always give vitality to his team. The play is a 9.5 player where he moves from the midfield and then the attack and then moves in the empty spaces, wherever the ball is found poor. Even if he doesn't touch the ball, without it he always moves and gives a pass ing option to his teammates. It is therefore easy for Betis players to climb from the centre to attack to courtois' goal. Although the player's age is very high and very effective, he is ideally shaped by Betis' attacking system.

Also we should pay tribute to the role of The Great Quardado and the positive return in the construction process, where he is often positioned as a late playmaker, so he climbs the ball from under pressure easily, despite his physical factor and fitness that does not allow continuous movement but he is good at moving his teammates and distributing the balls well Allows the construction of play and offensive conversion in the most suitable areas to facilitate the exploitation of opportunities.

Benzema's passing error was catastrophic, and at the same time Casemiro's absence in that area, which was supposed to be his area in preparation, was also a big mistake. Nevertheless, Benzema passed and of course it would be cut off even if Ramos followed it, so the numerical increase in front of him was more so he could not even pass it.

Central high pressure is also carried out by the perfect concentrations of individuals, each man to man with one of the real players who will press him. This was evident at the start of the second half as, ideally, the midfield and real defence were blocked from the attack.
In the end Betis deserved the win, a good defensive security and optimal use of rebounds made the team create many more dangerous chances on the goal of Courtois despite the fact that Real took the ball for longer periods than Betis. But the latter was a direct game on goal, which helped him a lot.

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