Top 5 is the best type of dog that is not famous for guarding and hunting purposes

Dogs are one of the most ancient creatures of man on earth, where the dog's story began long ago.

The dog is one of the animals mentioned in the Qur'an, and the purposes of breeding dogs in humans vary depending on the circumstances of those who want to adopt the dog from guarding, hunting and other purposes, such as assisting people with special needs, as well as security purposes such as detecting the whereabouts of drugs and explosives.

In this article we will talk about these types of guarding, i.e. ferocious dogs, where the types of ferocious dogs that can be adopted for property and personal guarding vary.

There are a large number of different dog species that can be used for guard purposes around the world, but our talk will be about some species that are not widely known to people, and can be relied upon for guarding because of their intelligence and distinctive physical structure that allows them to protect their owner better Like.

Originally from Belgium, he is a hybrid breed but whose physical structure is very good for use for security or for police purposes.

Some countries, such as Hungary and Greece, use it for security purposes because it has intelligence and a strong sense of smell.

The average age is between 12 and 14 years.

Urine Trier dogs are a non-hybrid breed, but America's favorite dog type, Pitbull, is a hybrid breed among a number of breeds, the most important of which is the Urine Trier!

He is a rather small but very fierce dog, his worst characteristic is that it is almost impossible to get away with his bite until he finishes his attack, and can be used in guard and live between 10 and 14 years.
It is one of the largest types of dogs, dedicated to guarding due to its very large size and very scary shape does not live for more than eight years.

It is mainly domesticated for hunting purposes and is used to catch large animals such as wild boars but can be used for guarding.

Originally from Argentina, he has an excellent muscular structure and can live in all conditions and in all atmospheres.

He lives between 10 and 12 years.
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