The resolution is in Cairo. Find out when al-Ahli and Zamalek matches in africa championship semi-finals

Bezo Musimani, coach of The Sun Downs South African team, continues his remarks ahead of the upcoming showdown, which will bring together the Sun Downs and Al-Ahly teams in the second leg of the 2020 African Champions League, and the first leg, which was held last Saturday with a victory, was over. Red Genie with two clean goals, and we note that the second leg will be played at the Lucas Moreby Stadium in the heart of pretoria.

And characterized by Bezos Musimani to make good statements which reach the degree of singing of the teams competition at times, in addition to his technical competence which he proved over the 8 years in which he led the team to achieve many championships as he managed to embarrass the poles of Egyptian football before that, musimani stated in this Yaq said "Al Ahli Egyptian is a great and wonderful team but my team has one option to make up for the defeat received by the team in the first leg", and Mousmani praised his team through his statements conveyed by the local site (kick off) saying that his team played well in the first leg but received two goals, it  Which is difficult for the team in the second leg.

Bezo simous continued his remarks, saying "We will play in the same way because that is our philosophy, Barcelona plays every week in its own way as well as Al Ahli there is no tactical difference between al-Ahli team last year and this year, and added Musimani " that his team can score two goals in the ahli window," and added "If I say I can not I'm going to lose my job, so I need to keep my job."

Al Ahli and Zamalek became one step away from reaching the final of the African Champions League, after the representatives of Egypt qualified for the semi-finals in the continental championship, with al-Ahmar defeating South African Mamelodi Sundowns 3-0 in total matches, and White's victory over Esperance The Tunisian is 3-2.

With egypt's representatives qualifying for the semi-finals of the continental championship, the first leg will be outside Egypt on May 1 and 2, while the second leg will be in Cairo on May 8th and 9th, to determine the final two sides of the tournament, which will be played in one of the stadiums of Cameroon, Tunisia, Morocco on May 29th.

It is expected that the semi-finals of the African championship will include four Arab clubs after the exit of Mazembe at the hands of Raja Morocco, who also reserved his seat in the semi-finals with a total of 2/1 matches, and the exit of Sundowns at the hands of the Egyptian National, which avenged the result last year, until it became the last seat available between Wydad Casablanca and The Coastal Star, two Arab teams, which means that the semi-finals will be among the Arabs.

With Morocco's Raja qualifying at the expense of Mazembe, he hit a date with Zamalek of Egypt, who eliminated the tunisian champions in the last two versions of the championship, while al-Ahli qualified from Wydad Casablanca and The Coastal Star this evening, to see his next opponent on his way to the quest to win the absent title Seven years ago.

Official: French police cancel public attendance for Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Dortmund match

A decision was made by the French security authorities on Monday to hold the match paris saint-germain and his guest Borussia Dortmund in the second leg of the champions league final without the presence of any audience. 

The decision of the French authorities to ensure the safety of all came from the spread of the coronavirus, which has become a serious disease globally, which led to the cancellation of some different sports around the world and some were set up without fans.

According to some press reports, matches without fans will be extended to some countries with the disease, especially Italy, which has recorded a large number of cases of HIV infection, and the match between Juventus and Lyon in the Champions League is likely to be played without fans also due to the outbreak of the disease in Italy.

Police said via their Social Twitter account: "Corona virus: In keeping with the procedures announced at the Defence Council yesterday, the Security Police Service decided to hold the paris saint-germain and Borussia Dortmund match behind closed doors (without fans). 

France has recorded a large number of MERS-CoV infections so far, with 1,100 cases infected and 19 deaths from MERS-CoV.
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