The details of Simeone that helped him win over Klopp. Tactical analysis of the game

'The stalemate is dead, and that's why the defense should not remain in a position to stay stable, but that the line of defense should always be undulating and move constantly and not stop applying the defensive line.'

(difensivo elastico) defensive line
He's moving the defense forward and slipping back consistently according to
To move the ball, the defense must undoubtedly move constantly and not be stationary in order to keep an appropriate distance towards the ball and keep the interconnection of the lines added to increase the intensity around the area of play, and most importantly to extract the depth from the opponent and else will be easily penetrated whether long or short balls.

What's the secret, Simeoni?

A good introduction to the work that Simeone offers with Atleti, an Argentinian with a different mindset, gives lessons on how to protect your defensive areas and stop opponents. What happened against one of the strongest teams in the world right now and even the best in the Premier League this season is a good example of what I have mentioned. The veteran favoured a 4-4-2 flat but started yesterday with The Matador of Spain Costa and felix next to him instead of Morata. Diego wanted to keep Morata for the right time and not start with him and he lost his great soldier. At the same time he earned a trump card in the quick turnaround, the Portuguese who helps him build the attackand move down Costa. That explains his idea that his defense and his entire midfield will be in the defensive third, so the transformation will be based on costa and Felix until the rise of their midfield ers.

Why Chamberlain, not Fabinho?

Klopp is well aware that Simeone will not advance a lot of depth and will not lead his attacks from the middle but he always turns to the sides, so he does not need to spoil the attacks from the middle or cut them with physical contact but he needs to curb those attacks from their origin, which comes with pressure that Oxlade-Chamberlain was exerting with the help of Offensive trio. Also the defensive midfielder in a game like this was well played by Henderson and Nadaldom because they didn't need a lot of peer and work, at the back but most of the work was in the attacking midfield of the team. Chamberlain made great moves to order the ball in better spaces. He worked a great double and shared roles with Salah and Arnold in an excellent way. When Salah is stationed with the control of The Left Atleti player, Salah moves back and then creates a space behind Lodi where he can move freely, and at the same time is centered behind them Arnold and does not advance so that the numbers of Atlético defenders do not increase in front of them. Chamberlain's moves between the defensive line and the midfield at Roji Blancos were good, but they didn't happen very often because of the speed at all of the atletico's back, cutting the ball or the shot from Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Club spaces are ordered by Diego.

Defensive intensity is to have all or as many players as possible behind the ball, intensify the area around the ball, and the closer the ball to the goal the narrower the team narrows the distance between the players and this idea is called defensive reincarnation in the two
." The government's decision to re-introduce the new government is a "new" and "one-way" and "a more general" and "a more general"
Simeone reproduced that technique of keeping all his players behind the ball and including the forwards, as Correa retreats to cover with Trippier against the numerical increase and the interrunization that Robertson does with Manny. On the other hand, Saul and Koke are retreating to cover against Salah, Arnold and Chamberlain, so the spaces were too narrow for Salah and Chamberlain to get deep and he really needed from the atletico midfield to prevent depth from breaking in any direction and any means. Diego's orders here are the refore the intensity in the middle and the focus on them and the prevention of moves in the zone14 industry area, especially in front of chamberlain with a strong shot, and firmino always moving in front of the area. This made the semi-financial parties the central superiority of Atletico's players against the numerical superiority provided by the Reds to the sides, and that was the only way for them to reach the Oblak goal, which has already happened and inspired firmino's goal. Personally, I would have preferred to close Simeoni to the parties well because it is Klopp's first key to attack.

Strong bonding means strong insurance.

Klopp uses that strong and fast method of retrieving the ball which is the bonding (compactness) where the lines of the team converge casually and longitudinally and shorten the distance from the top of the team to the sval and from one end to the other, it provides perfect coverage and intensity around the area of the ball in addition to the mutual cover between the players so that it facilitates the cooperation of the line In the midst of the reds in the pressure process, it is also difficult for The Atleti to penetrate the depth of the pitch, while the parties were open and this is because the parties are less dangerous because the distance to reach them was large and difficult to exploit quickly because of the presence of Korea and Seoul in the defensive situation a lot. The unit narrows as you retreat back and the more the ball and the goal, where sometimes the attacks of the Atleti reach the third third of them and then the heat begins to retreat until they reach the defenders and sometimes the ball reached the goalkeeper, that came the result of the difficult method of coverage applied by Jürgen against his opponents.

Simeoni and the new lesson.

Of course, there are many ways in which Klopp uses to reach the goal of his opponents, one of which depends on sending the aerial longitudinal balls in the back of the opponent's defensive line. It often works when it is well-moving amid the inattention of the opponent's defenders. But our friend Diego here is better read and prepared for that idea and he devised an old way to stop it, which is to use Savic as a straw player in Libero or in English (sweeper) who was covering and sometimes positioned behind the back line or at least two steps behind Felipe back so that he could be distracted. The air ball is coming behind them. He certainly breaks the line but he earns a ball for his team that was able to form a certain danger and directly on their goal.

Target Arnold's side.

We noticed during the game that almost all of Oblak's balls were destined for the destination where Arnold, Chamberlain and Salah were present, and obviously they are not strong in the matches of both ground and aerials compared to the other side where Manny and Vinaldom are supporting. Saul, Felix and Sometimes Barty moved to the left, taking advantage of the balls sent from Oblak and they actually succeeded, with Saul outscoring 11/11. That side was the source of most of the attacks in which the Rokhi Blancos attack was carried out.

In the end, it was a tactical discussion, not to defend Simeone at all, but to illustrate some of Diego's ideas, which demonstrate his flexibility, good reading of the opponents, preparation for them and the course of the meeting itself.
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