The date of zamalek and traji match and the channels conveying the meeting and the expected formation

Many fans of the White Knight are looking for the date of zamalek and traji match in the African Champions League, which comes within the framework of the return match of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, in one of the very difficult and exciting matches between the two teams, which are entered by both teams looking for Only to achieve victory and qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament.

Through this report we will give you all related to zamalek match and promotion in the African Champions League in terms of the date of the match and the channels and the expected formation of Zamalek club against Esperance in the meeting that is played at Rades Stadium on Friday evening.

Zamalek vs. Al-Traji in the African Champions League

Zamalek and Al-Traji matches in the African Champions League championship are scheduled to kick off at 9:00 pm Egypt Time, 10:00 pm Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, and 7 pm tunis, Morocco and Algeria.

Channels for zamalek and traji match in the African Champions League
With regard to the channels that carry zamalek and traji match, you can watch the meeting through THE BN Sport 1 channel, which announced its transfer to meet via its screen and usually move sire most of the Matches of the African Champions League.

Zamalek's expected formation against Esperance in the African Champions League

It is expected that Patrice Cartiron, coach of Zamalek Club, will start the meeting with a composition consisting of the following:

Guard ing the goal: Mohammed Abu Jabal

Line of Defense: Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Alaa, Mahmoud Al-Winch, Mohammed Abdel Shafi

Midfielders: Tarek Hamed, Ferjani Sassi, Ahmed Sayed Zizou, Ashraf Ben Sharqi, Youssef Obama

Line of Attack: Mustafa Mohammed
hussein Mohamed
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