No "electrical collector." Ministry of Electricity announces ways to pay electricity bills electronically


The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, headed by Dr. Mohammed Shaker, on Tuesday morning revealed ways in which electricity bills can be paid without dealing with a result in light of the precautionary measures taken by the Egyptian state in the face of the new coronavirus "Covid 19" during the past period, Which the Ministry of Electricity is seeking to apply to save the lives of citizens from receiving infection.

Ways to pay electricity bills electronically

The Ministry of Electricity announced in a statement issued today that in accordance with the efforts of the ministry has activated the services of collecting electricity bills electronically for all types of meters through the use of the "electronic payment code" located on the receipt of electricity bills for each property, explaining that there Many ways in which electricity bills can be paid electronically:

First, through the website of the holding company in Egypt,
Second: There are 60,000 collection points in the Arab Republic of Egypt through which the bill can be paid electronically, through Egyptian Mail, Money, BEE, Aman, My Time, Guarantor, Possible, Agricultural Bank.
Third: The invoice can be collected electronically through The Fourie outlets, which are located at 120,000 collection points across the Republic.
Fourth: Electricity bills can be paid through 12 bank portfolios: (Credit Agricol Bank, National Bank of Alexandria, CIB Bank, Blom Bank of Egypt, Bank Audi, Bank of Housing and Construction, QNB Bank, Abu Dhabi Bank al-Amartey, Suez Canal Bank, NBK Bank).
Fifth: Through the wallets of mobile electronic companies through the applications of The App Store and PlayStore.

Sixth: through the application (MY FAWRY) on mobile phones.
Seventh: Through Atm machines throughout the Republic
Eighth: For Cairo residents, you can use the mobile app (Smart Electricity Services) and download it from the Apple Store or App Store app.
Ninth: Residents of Port Said can use the electricity service application on the website ( on the digital transformation portal, which allows payment of the bill through it.



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