Mobile Realme 5 Price and Specifications | Comprehensive review 2020


Mobile Realme 5 Realme is one of the latest versions of Realme in Egypt Mobile at an attractive price and great possibilities for 2450 pounds and is a regular Realme 5 phone and announced by the company and was launched in the Egyptian markets where the phone is excellent after its success in the markets so far.

A new phone from Realmi company always relami competes with the company Obo strong competitor and offers mobiles with the same capabilities and at a lower price until it acquires the confidence of new customers and renews always realme and develops its new mobiles to get the best performance and at the lowest possible price now its new mobile in the economic category is mobile Realme 5 Realme and let's get to know its most important flaws and features and the price and capabilities of Mobile Realme 5.

The most important features of Mobile Realme 5:

Mobile Realme 5 is characterized by a strong chassis and chassis however the mobile is waterproof and the cameras are very excellent and give a natural image and beautiful colors and also features batteries that can work on it without charging for a long time up to more than two days and also the processor Snap Drgun excellent which gives great performance on all The ascendant supports the operation of two slices and a memerry card at the same time as the mobile with outstanding performance in this price category.
And it's available in black and white and blue.

The most important disadvantages of Mobile Realme 5:

Mobile Realme 5.
The head of the charger.
USB link.
A metal pin.
The instruction and warranty booklet explains how to use the phone and the official address of The Relami website.

The weight of the mobile is great due to the size of the battery and also the mobile screen is not full HD but only HD Plus and also the phone does not support fast charging so you need a long time to charge the battery completely and there is no notice bulb.



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