Mobile Realme 5 Pro full review of the features and disadvantages of mobile and you will know the price and possibilities of the new mobile from The Realmi Modern Mobile Company Mobile Realme 5 Pro with awesome possibilities device price excellent for great performance and high possibilities Mobile Realme 5 Pro famous in the markets Global Now in Egypt we know the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Realme 5 Pro and the official price of mobile in Egypt.

Mobile Realme 5 Pro 5 Pro Pro Capabilities

Realme company is downloading new mobiles always looking and developing to get the best performance like sedation work and at the lowest possible price now its latest mobile in the economic category which is Realmi 5Pro uses a processor Snap dragon 712 ali 10nano and a quad camera and a memory of 128 GB and let's get to know the specifications Mobile Realme 5 Pro and what are its most important disadvantages and features and the price of Mobile Realme 5 Pro 5 Pro.

The colors came out of the box excellent colors and four cameras watching cameras on the back and four cameras in a difference between the second camera 48 megapixels camera really the pictures from this camera honestly the pictures are nice and strong isolation the background is set and exists because you have an extra camera third done 2 GB The realme 5 Pro camera experience is very expressive and very nice.

If anyone asks me what is the best mobile in the range of 3000 pounds I will say on Realmi 5 Pro and you will not regret the best mobile available in the range of 3,000 pounds Mobile Realme 5 Pro.

Mobile Realme 5 Pro Features

Learn about the features of mobile what distinguishes this mobile is the quality of the excellent screen which gives very good colors note also that the cameras are very good in lighting and give a very realistic picture without artificial colors or artificial intelligence device supports the operation of two slices and kart memory at the same time in this mobile technology Express charging through express charging you can charge the phone in just 90 minutes charge the battery in just 90 minutes.

The color Realmi 5 Pro green, blue, white and black.

Realme 5 Pro Imperfections

Like any mobile coming down this year this problem the device is made of plastic which is a defect in the device that makes the device get scratched and scratched and other devices that do not have notices such as devices also a lot this year I dont know why this year this company was supposed to download a battery 5000 like The rest of the equipment, but this has not happened, the battery that exists now is 4000 mAm and the device.

Mobile Box

Mobile Realme 5 Pro 5 Pro.
The head of the charger.
USB link.
He's got a mobile phone.
Metal pin.
The instruction and warranty booklet explains how to use the phone, the official address of The Rilmi website and the locations of the company's branches in Egypt.

Realme 5 Pro 5 Pro Price

The price of the mobile is 128 GB internal memory and 8GB ramat for 3500 pounds.

The mobile price is 128 GB internal memory and 4GB ramat for 3000 pounds.

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