Meteorology reveals the end of the bad weather wave known as Dragon Storm

The Meteorological Authority revealed the latest weather developments after the country was hit by a severe storm, which consisted of heavy rains throughout the provinces of the Republic, accompanied by sandstorm, thunder and lightning in some areas, where the Authority expected to improve the weather as of Saturday, explaining that with the beginning of the day Sunday will end the bad wave and the temperatures will return to normal and there is no chance of rain,

The end date of the bad weather wave

And about the forecast of weather on Saturday there is moderate rain on some areas of Greater Cairo and the sea face and the north-west coasts and north of the upper level are sometimes thunderstorms on the north-east coasts, central Sinai, South Sinai and red sea mountain ranges, where the country has now been exposed starting from Thursday morning To a wave of bad weather continuing until Saturday morning, the deputy of the Sensor Center of the Meteorological Authority explained that the low weather affecting all parts of the country, is an atmospheric depression extending from South Sudan and reached the Arab Republic of Egypt and is called low seasonal Sudan,

End of winter

We are at the end of winter, and that period is characterized by fluctuating weather conditions, noting that this situation is similar to what happened in 1994, and appealed to all citizens not to leave the house at night because the conditions will be worse than the hours of the day, with stay away from the lampposts, and not to touch metal surfaces or Lampposts during rain fall for their own safety.
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