Learn about the frequencies of the channels for the game series 2020


The game series issues trends in Google and networking sites after its first presentation via the internet watch platform, in January this year and the show has been postponed by the circumstances of the staff, and the series is shown exclusively via the mbc channel screen.

Events of the series

The series takes place in a social comedy format, where the protagonists enter a circle of challenges and adventures that last until the end of the season, which includes 30 continuous episodes, and they go through a number of comedy surprises.
The series is starring Sheku and Hisham Majid, and co-stars May Kassab, Mohamed Tharwat, Ahmed Fathi Bayoumi Fouad, Sami Magaouri, and Myrna Jamil, the series written by Fadi Abu Al Saud and Mohamed Salah Khattab and directed by Moataz Tounsi.

The story revolves around two young men who have been friends since childhood, who face many problems in a context of comedy and thriller.

Channel 4 Moroccan frequency on Nilesat (Moroccan cultural) and all satellites

The frequency of Channel 4 Moroccan on Nilesat in particular, and on all satellites in general, became the main talk, especially among students in Morocco, especially after the spread of the Corona virus, so the State of Morocco was interested in education after broadcasting tutorials on Channel 4 Morocco, which broadcasts lessons 24-hour educational and educational videos. In this article, we will recognize the frequency of the channel on most satellites.

MBC Egypt frequency can be received via the following frequency
Satellite channel frequency polarizing coding patch
Mbc Egypt Nilesat 12015 Vertical 27500 6/5

Moroccan Cultural Channel frequency on Nilesat

Please note that the channel operates on nilesat satellite at 7 degrees West, with normal sd and HD resolution and please be aware that the channel can only be received in North African countries, in the limited broadcast range only within North African countries, and the frequency cannot be captured outside.

As for frequency, it is as follows:

Channel frequency polarizing coding rate
Fourth sd 11474 27500 vertical ver
Fourth HD 11514 27500 Vertical ver

Moroccan cultural channel frequency on Qamar Badr
The channel also works on the Badr moon on orbit 26 degrees east, with normal sd accuracy and on the frequency: -

Channel frequency polarizing coding rate
4th Cultural 12683 27500 Vertical ver

Morocco's Channel 4 frequency on Hotbird moon
The channel operates on the Badr moon, known as Arabsat, on orbit 26 degrees east on the frequency: -

Channel frequency polarizing coding rate
Fourth Cultural HD 10873 27500 Vertical ve

Morocco's Channel 4 frequency on Eutelsat 21.6 East
Fortunately, the channel also operates on eutelsat satellite, located at 21.6 degrees East, at the following frequencies:

Channel frequency polarizing coding rate
Fourth Cultural SD 11617 27500 Vertical ver
Fourth Cultural HD 11617 27500 Vertical ver



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