How Vodafone Cash withdraws from Atm NCB or other banks


Vodafone Cash is one of the best withdrawal, deposit, and payment services current lyine in Egypt, there is now a lot of financial dealings using this wonderful service, and we have asked a lot of customers today about how vodafone cash withdraws from atm NCB or other banks contracted with Vodafone, So today we explain to you how to implement this order easily through the deposit machines of a number of Egyptian banks.

Atm machines from which Vodafone Cash can be withdrawn

The company revealed that there are a certain number of banks in Egypt that vodafone cash can be withdrawn from them, and these banks are in the following list:

First, make sure that the machine is a deposit machine.
National Bank of Egypt.
Bank of Alexandria.
Cib Bank.
Bank of Egypt.
Bank of Cairo.
Bank return.

How to withdraw Vodafone Cash from any atm machine in the above-mentioned banks

All you have to do is follow the following steps, but make sure that the machine is a deposit machine, by either asking the machine administrator, or making sure that the deposit mark is at the top of the machine, and then follow the following steps:

Call from your mobile phone on code *9#
Choose a withdrawal service from the atm machine
Select the amount to be withdrawn
Enter your Vodafone Cash pin number
You'll get a message with a pin number that you'll use afterwards.
You're now in front of one of the aforementioned bank debit machines.
Choose cash services
Mobile wallet
Choose a withdrawal service
Enter vodafone cash pin
The machine will ask you to enter the PIN that has reached you in a letter previously.
Enter the amount you will withdraw from Vodafone Cash
The operation ended successfully.

Vodafone Cash also offers you a deposit service, so you don't need to go to any Vodafone branch to deposit any money, you can pay a lot of your bills through the service, and you can also buy a lot of products online using them.



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