"Favilavir" a new drug for the treatment of coronavirus produced by China

Chinese media revealed that the treatment "Favilavir" has been approved as an investigative treatment for the new coronavirus, which has spread clearly in recent times in many countries, resulting in the death of hundreds of citizens in Arab and European countries affected by this dreaded disease that the world is trying to whole reaching for his cure.

"Favilavir" a new drug for the treatment of coronavirus produced by China

According to the head of the Department of the China Biotechnology Center, Favilavir is one of three drugs tested and shows great efficacy against mers-CoV in humans, which has encouraged its introduction as a treatment to end the recent crisis with the dreaded coronavirus disease that has spread to the world.

The drug has reportedly been tested more than once and has received many positive reactions after testing more than one human in the past, specifically within Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.

The Coronavirus takes five days to show symptoms.

Coronavirus, a serious epidemic that has ravaged many countries of the world, American scientists said that the symptoms do not appear on the infected person until 5 days after infection, and this period is the incubation period of the virus, which is the period from the beginning of the virus to the onset of the symptoms of the disease.

The u.S. team of scientists has followed up and studied a number of cases from China and some other countries, and found that the symptoms appear in the patient after the fifth day of the infection uncertainly.

The infected person, who does not develop symptoms within 12 days, will not appear in the future, but is likely to remain infected.

The researchers noted that infected people, or suspected of being isolated for at least 14 days, should be isolated to avoid transmission and outbreaks, as this will be of great benefit to the decline of the disease.

The research team also confirmed that out of every 100 isolated patients, only one person showed symptoms after the end of the isolation period, and the research team also explained that the infection is transmitted from infected people through coughing or sneezing.

The researchers noted that older people are the largest group, which can develop serious and deadly symptoms, from contracting with MERS-CoV.
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