Barcelona host Real Sociedad after losing the Clásico next Saturday (March 7th)

The Camp Nou hosts a strong match for the owner of the land team Barcelona and the guest team Real Sociedad within the framework of the 27th round of the Spanish league competition "La Liga".

Barcelona enter this meeting in very low spirits after receiving the sad loss in the match between him and the royal club "Real Madrid" in the match Clásico, which was snatched the title of the top league from Barcelona by his rival "Real Madrid" and barcelona became second place after "Real Madrid" with a balance 55 points, just one point ahead of Real Madrid, and the match was at the Santiago Bernabéu and ended 2-0 in favour of the Royal Club.

On the other hand, the guest team real Sociedad, who are sixth in the Spanish league standings with 43 points, knowing that the last match between Sociedad and Barcelona ended in a draw with two goals for both teams at the Real Sociedad stadium.

The date of the match barcelona and Real Sociedad and the channels conveying the match

Barcelona vs Real Sociedad
The match is scheduled for Saturday at 7:30 pm Cairo time
Camp Nou Stadium
The verdict has not yet been determined.

Table of matches of teams qualifying for the round of 4 African Champions League 2020

All matches ended for the quarter-finals of the 2020 African Champions League, and all the teams qualified for round 4 of the tournament were determined, and the schedule of semi-final matches was determined for all the teams that qualified by day and date, and the routers were very difficult in the quarter-finals and did not specify from the team The qualifier until the announcement of the referee the end of the match, and play the matches of the round 8 and semi-final matches in the system of return and return, play the first game and name the first match and the second call the second, and the team wishing to climb to the final round must win the two games.

Many fans of the game of football around the world are interested in knowing the news of african championships, especially the confrontations of the best clubs, which take place through the African Champions League, and the speed and competition between clubs in the last rounds of the tournament to approach each club to achieve the title and carry the cup And win the $1 million prize money, so it won't be easy to compete as the tournament draws to a close.

Teams qualifying for the round of 4 African Champions League 2020

After winning the first leg with three goals against one goal, Zamalek managed to win the second leg of the 1-0 second leg, climbing to the semi-finals.
Al Ahli joins Zamalek in qualifying after beating Sun Downs in the first leg, and a positive draw in the second leg.
Raja qualified after beating Mazenmbe 2-0 and lost in the second leg 1-0.
Wydad Sports Club qualified after the victory over Al-Sahli Star club in the first leg, and the loss in the second leg 1-0.
Round 4 matches
Al Ahli club will face Wydad on 1/5/2020 the first leg, and play the second leg on 8/5/2020.
Zamalek club face Raja on 1/5/2020 the first leg, and the second leg on 8/5/2020.
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