Amid fears of Corona. Egypt's Olympic team faces Brazil in uae

The Brazilian team will play a friendly match against its Egyptian and Saudi counterpart or South Korea with all its stars in the UAE during the 23 rd and 29th of March during the periodic break, according to the Brazilian Football Federation, but the spread of the coronavirus in the UAE caused a state of anxiety and suspicion Brazil's Fia team is seeking to know the ambiguity surrounding the friendly matches, stressing that it continues the moves to determine the matter once and for all in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Number of Corona cases in UAE increases

The number of corona cases in the UAE has risen to 45, while local authorities have decided to suspend the study for a month, and the introduction of a smart home education system based on the "Blueberry Network" to protect students and their health from the global epidemic.

The coach revealed the list of players joining the team camp includes the names of senior players in the Spanish and European leagues such as Real Madrid players Vinicius Junior and Rainier, in addition to Bakita player Milan Italian and Paulino striker Bayern Leverkusen German.

Shawky Ghraib refers Salah's file to the officials of the five-year committee of the Football Association

Coach Shawki Ghraib is expected to announce the list of players joining the camp on March 18th in consultation with Hossam al-Badri, the first team captain, to select some participants.

The list is scheduled to include the joining of new players for the first time, including Zamalek striker Mustapha Mohamed, while Shawki Ghraib decided to refer the file of participation of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah to the officials of the five-year committee of the Football Association headed by Amr Janaini.

It is worth mentioning that the Olympic team won the African Under-23 Championship, against the Ivorian counterpart 2-1 in the final round at Cairo Stadium, and the regulations allow the Olympic team to include three players over the age to participate.
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