After he hesitated to have a stroke. Imad Mitab's health after being taken to hospital

A state of anxiety hit the egyptian football fans after the news circulated about the exposure of the star of the former National Club and the Egyptian national team Imad Tired a violent health crisis after which he was transferred to a private hospital, and reportedabout his stroke, and the Egyptian football analyst suffered a sharp decline during his five-year football match Friendly.

Imad Tired surprises the crowd: I'm fine

The mother of Imad Tired said in remarks carried by al-Nahar satellite that she spoke with her son and assured her a little while ago, and he is in good condition in the hospital, and surprised the Egyptian football star everyone, and commented on the health condition that afflicted him and was taken to the hospital, saying in a post to him through his personal account social networking site Twitter: "I'm fine, thank God"

Emad Mitab has a proven track record and a great football career with Al Ahli Club, and the Egyptian national team, where he has won many championships that have reached 25 local, continental and international championships whether for the general league, the African Champions League or the Club World Cup bronze.

While the football legend was crowned with the Egyptian national team many tournaments in 2006, 2008 and 2010, he was the league's top scorer for the 2004/05 season with 15 goals in his first season with the first team.

At the end of his professional career, the football legend spent the last 6 months in the ranks of Saudi cooperation, and did not score goals, to return to Egypt empty-handed and then decide to retire egyptian football after an experiment that is successful, it is worth mentioning that Emad announced his retirement from football last year.

Japan allocates mobile mosques to players and fans during Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Tokyo is scheduled to host this summer's Olympic games from July 24 to August 9, and yasn project is scheduled to provide rooms and places for prayer, according to a report that will make dedicated and mobile prayer rooms available.

The aim of this initiative: to highlight the hospitality of the State of Japan for Muslims, tourists and players made them feel at home.

Mobile mosques: It is worth mentioning that the area of mobile mosques is 48 square meters, enough for 50 people and more to perform their prayers, and has a place of light before performing prayers.
"I hope that tourists and players will like this initiative."

It is worth mentioning that there are 200,000 Muslims residing in the state of Japan, knowing that the distance between the stadium and the mosque is a long distance, and may be a problem for Muslim participants, and then came the idea of mobile mosques.

"We are not thinking about cancelling football matches because of concerns about the spread of the deadly coronavirus," said the chairman of the organizing committee for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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