The world's 5 most beautiful national songs urge enthusiasm and one Arab anthem on the list

Each country retains its own people's heritage, which reflects people's culture and nature, and one of the most important national slogans and popular symbols cherished by citizens is the national anthem, which is the most brief about the people, culture, past and present of the people concerned.

In this article we review the best and most beautiful popular songs that inspire enthusiasm and are mainly caused by a popular revolution that took place a long time ago.

One of the most enthusiastic national chants, written by Algerian author and poet Mifdi Zakaria during his arrest by the French during the events of algeria's revolution, which left more than a million Algerian martyrs.

The national anthem is a challenge for France, where it has been mentioned in the anthem's words more than once.

The most important icon of the revolution in which Cuba was independent from Spain, the anthem was composed in 1867 and was originally composed for the Cuban revolutionary "Fiverdeo", and Spain surrendered 10 days after the tribute at Figueroa's house, making the national anthem the most motivating of the Cuban people.

The song was written specifically for Emperor Henrik Hoffman, and the second and third paragraphs of the anthem were fulfilled for later use for educational purposes only because they contained paragraphs and expressions that some have classified as "Nazi", for example the paragraph that reads: "Duetschland Uber Alles Im "der Welt", which means that the Germans are above everything in the world, which reminds the Germans of their own Nazi past.

On April 24, 1792, France declared war on the Austrian Empire, and french soldiers were encouraged to write the anthem calling on the French to defend their homeland and crush those who attacked their people and soldiers.

The French national anthem has been ranked the most beautiful in the world several times by a large number of specialist critics.

South African national anthems were unified in 1997 at the end of the era of racial discrimination in South Africa, where there were two South African anthems, both of which were unified in '97, resulting in the beginning of a new era in South African history and the end of all symbols of racial discrimination in the country.
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