The latest developments in the Coronavirus. Deadly virus

The toll in Hubei Province showed an increase in the number of cases of deadly virus to 2,103 in just 24 hours.

This led to a rise in the number of people infected with MERS-CoV throughout China and around the world, with the number of people infected with the virus reaching 17,238 in China and around the world, the number of infections reached 17,480.  Measures to protect its citizens with this deadly disease (deadly virus).

According to Reuters, Japan has taken precautions by developing secret ly-diagnosed groups by conducting tests to diagnose the deadly coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a passion for the Chinese economy:

China's losses amounted to about 9 percent of the coronavirus as it became a source of fear and panic for investors in China, which led to the decline of the Chinese economy.

As for the Chinese economy, the first trading session after the Lunar New Year holiday lasted three days in Beijing. The main index on the Shanghai Stock Exchange lost 8.73 percent, and the Hong Kong index fell 0.17 percent to 26,000.

During the holiday, global stock indices continued to fall and losses piled up due to investor concerns about the consequences of the coronavirus, which in turn is affecting China's economy, the world's second largest economy.

China breaks record and builds hospital within seven days

With the terrifying spread of the Coronavirus, a state of terror as in science fiction films, China has prepared one of its largest hospitals in just seven days, declaring its readiness to fight the deadly disease.

The Chinese government has established Hoshanshan Hospital in Wuhan, a city where the disease is based, to set the record for the fastest hospital construction, which was built in just seven days, one of two other hospitals to be built soon.

The 25,000-meter Hoshanshan Hospital is in area and construction was launched on January 24, and it is assumed that the hospital was built specifically to combat Corona disease, which has so far had more than 304 deaths and more than 1,400 cases of HIV infection.

There are 100 cases of HIV infection in 22 other countries, of which one death has been recorded in the Philippines.

It is worth mentioning that the spread of the epidemic exceeded the statistics of the SARS epidemic, which invaded the world in 2003, where 'it spread in only 20 countries and recorded 8,100 cases of HIV infection.

The hospital has a capacity of 1,000 people, and China is known to have completed large projects quickly.

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