Ahmed Morteza Mansour we will play the super game in case of approval of zamalek requests and the response of the president of the caf

Ahmed Morteza Mansour, son of zamalek president yesterday, confirmed yesterday the on stadium program that is broadcast on on on the channel on sport that he spoke with the president of the caf "Ahmed Ahmed" regarding the holding of the super game in Qatar and explained the president of the caf that zamalek requests are all answered, where the president of zamalek club Zamalek Mansour asked al-Kaf to secure the mission in Qatar  Zamalek president warned in case of not writing a note from the Qatari side to secure zamalek mission we did not play the game, and the response of the president of the caf that all zamalek requests are answered.

Zamalek's hardest February

On the other hand zamalek club is preparing for several important matches in February where Zamalek begins the march of the Premier League again agaianst the border guard club scheduled for Wednesday, 5/2/2020 and then meet Zamalek team Ismaili scheduled for next Sunday, 9/2/2020, and then the white knight goes to Qatar To face the Tunisian team in the African Super Championship to be held on 14/2/2020 at the stadium of al-Gharafa team Qatar, then returns from Qatar to face al-Ahly egyptian in the Egyptian Super Championship scheduled for 20/2/2020 and then concludes the matches of February against al-Ahli once Another in the Egyptian Premier League.

Ben Sharqi ready for The African Super and Egyptian Super Games

The doctor of the white knight confirmed that the player Ashraf Ben Sharqi will be ready in the game of The African Super on February 14 and the Egyptian Super on February 20 and will not catch up with the game border guards and Ismaili.

Al Ahli's next meeting with Pyramids

After the return of al-Ahli mission from Sudan, al-Ahli players take a short break to resume training again in preparation for meeting Pyramids in the framework of the Egyptian Premier League matches, where Al Ahli tops the list of the Premier League with thirty-five points it has scored from winning all its matches He played with other clubs to become a record-breaking victory, reaching twelve times in a row, and it was the last season for al-Ahli to win more than once in a row with Manuel Jose season 2004, and on the other hand the club Pyramids is in third place with twenty-six points and is characterized by the performance of Ni Aal because it includes a team of players characterized by high technical skills to make him technically close with Al Ahli club and Zamalek club, and is expected to meet al-Ahli with Pyramids on Thursday, February 6th at 7:30 pm Arab Republic of Egypt and 8:30 pm Evening Saudi Arabia time, 9:30 pm UAE time and 11:30 pm GMT.

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