The story of the scientist Mohamed Salah with his cars

We all know the Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah, the wing of the English team Liverpool, and our talk this time has nothing to do with the green rectangle and the ball, but we will talk about the fleet of cars of the star Mohamed Salah. Salah goes to training every day, and every time he goes to training in a different car. Let's get to know the cars owned by Mohamed Salah.

Bentley Continental

It is the latest car of star Mohamed Salah, and is considered the favorite car Bentley Continental GT for many football players, where it came in second place as the most rented cars by the stars of the English League in 2019, which is not surprising after the maid of the Range Rover SVR which reaches The price is around £160,000, and the car features a luxurious interior design, as well as comfortable leather seats, while in terms of performance, its top speed is 210 miles per hour and is designed from the UK with a V12 engine. And when liverpool fans immediately know that it is salah's car, one of the children recently ran behind salah's car "Bentley" to get the signature of our Egyptian star, and was injured after he collided in a lamp during the run, and when he saw Salah that he stopped the car and made sure that the child is healthy, and then achieved his dream and took pictures with him.

Lamborgini Aventador

It is the Italian high-speed car, with the fastest engine in Mohamed Salah's fleet. The car is worth £271,000 and is also owned by Gabonese striker Pierre Aubameyang.
The engine is capable of reaching a top speed of 218 miles per hour, and can reach the speed of the Lamborghini Aventador.

Mercedes Pines

It is one of the most expensive cars sold by Mercedes ever, with the price of the car 176 thousand pounds, and despite that expensive price, Salah did not back down from buying it, he receives a basic salary of 200 thousand pounds per week.
With a 6.3-liter V8 engine with a 571 hp drive, it is a car with amazing potential, with a top speed of 197 mph and a speed of 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

Mercedes AMG GLE

When players go to training, they like to have a big engine, which is why they own four-wheel drive cars like range rover and Bentley Bentija.
But it's different with Mohamed Salah, who admires the elegant look of the Mercedes AMG GLE Coupé, which features a 3.0-litre Twin-Turbo V6 engine, which produces 367 horsepower, it's the perfect engine for him to go to The Melwood Training Ground and get there in time.

Audi Q7Priced at £4.5million, Audi is always a reasonable choice when you want to buy a powerful engine, with confidence and performance being the two things the German car giant boasts, and Q7 is the highlight of those releases.

Many of Barcelona's leading stars use The Audi Q7 to get to and from training until the end of the club's sponsorship contract with Catalans, salah got one when he returned to the English Premier League with Liverpool, after starring in Rome.

Toyota Camry

It is the first car bought by Mohamed Salah after going to England, which is priced at 29 thousand pounds and although the car is good, but it is difficult to compare it currently to the fleet of luxury cars owned by the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

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