Despite the brilliance of Liverpool's amazing performance, the Manchester City team threatens its throne strongly in the English Premier League

There are international teams in playing football who, with the support of their fans and fans, always strive to reach the highest titles and collect the largest number of international awards, and there is no doubt that one of the most important international teams currently is the red team “Liverpool” which millions of Arabs are interested in following Their crazy love for the Egyptian international player "Mohamed Salah", who has always wrestled with his English counterpart, "Manchester City" for the league title.

Which is more worthy of the title “Liverpool or Manchester City”

Every good international football observer knows very well that the English Premier League is the strongest league in the world, and that the "Man City and Liverpool" teams are the strongest teams in the world and within the English Premier League as well.

How to play Liverpool team

The red team "Liverpool" depends on two main points to win the matches, which are quick counter attacks by both "Manet and Salah" with the help of the other outstanding players, or that one of the defenders raises the ball to receive one of the team's attackers, so that he can achieve the goal The desired.

How to play Manchester City

In all Manchester City and Liverpool matches, he depends on the players ’control of the ball since the start of the attack, and the speed of passing the ball between them to the point that the opposing team does not know the way to control the ball, and cannot imagine what the next movement the Man City player will take, where he controls Players are completely on the middle of the field, unlike an opponent that relies on wings or limbs.

Therefore, the Man City team can achieve several goals per game very smoothly, while the Red Liverpool team often wins one or two goals at a maximum, and therefore it is better to win the title technically is the "Man City" team.

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