Juventus want to sign Spanish coach Pep Guardiola

The news of the Italian club's contract with Juventus "Old Lady" with Spanish coach Pep Guardiola for The English club "Manchester City" has sparked confusion and controversy among the Italian fans.

Some famous Italian newspapers reported that Juventus are considering hiring Spanish coach Pep Guardiola instead of his current coach Mauricio Sarri.

Some English press reports added that Manchester City are close to losing the Premier League title which will be in the interest of The Liverpool team and guardiola is considered one of the first goals of the Italian team Juventus, and it is also reported that Guardiola speaks Italian fluently after coaching the team "Roma" The Italian was a friend of several Serie A coaches including Arrigo Sacchi and current Juventus coach Mauricio Sarri.

Pep Guardiola won the Champions League title with Catalan club Barcelona in 2009 and 2011, so Guardiola has his name in the history of Spanish football, and makes himself the best coach to lead Juventus, especially after the team stumbled and came down from the top of Serie A after the team got it Inter Milan.

Juventus signed a deal to include the coach to lead the team last summer to succeed former coach Massimiliano Allegri, but at the end of the summer deals the team signed with Sari.

Egyptian League rankings today 6-1-2020 after al-Ahli's victory over Al-Ahram | Match analysis

The beginning of the first half of the match Ahli and Perameds was a classic start without attacks mentioned in the game except a single shot from the player Junior Ajay, each coach read his opponent well where al-Ahram was able to close the keys to play Ahli and force him to play from the side of the parties, passed the first half without any danger Remember the keeper of each team and play in the middle of the field.


After eight minutes of the second half in the 53rd minute of the second half, the defender of al-Ahram team was able to jabr from scoring the first goal with a header from an occasional ball, from another incident that almost scored again on Jabr with his head were it not for the vigilance of Mohamed El Shenawi, who saved his goal and his team, a draw for al-Ahli club in the minute 77 Elio Badji, the Senegalese striker who recently moved to Al Ahli from Asist midfielder Alio Diang, was able to score the second goal for Al Ahli from Asist striker Alio Badji, and ahmed Ayman Mansour and Rajab Bakkar were expelled for objecting to the referee.

Egyptian League Rankings

Al Ahli with the full mark can record the victory number 13 of the 13 games played by the team in the Egyptian league with 39 points, 7 points from the second league Arab Contractors.

Al Ahli has played 13 games and has 39 points.
 Arab contractors played 16 games and had 32 points.
 Zamalek played 14 games and had 28 points.
The Alexandrian Federation has played 16 games and has 27 points.
 Al-Ahram has played 16 games and has 26 points.
 Enppi has played 15 games and has 23 points.
 He played 16 games and has 22 points.
Smouha has played 16 games and has 21 points.
 Ismaili has played 16 games and has 21 points.
 The Border Guard has played 16 games and has 18 points.
 El Gouna has played 16 games and has 18 points.
 Al Masri has played 14 games and has 17 points.
The Army frontman has played 16 games and has 15 points.
 Aswan has played 16 games and has 15 points.
Wadi Tigris has played 16 games and has 14 points.
 Tanta has played 16 games and has 14 points.
Misr Clearing played 16 games and has 13 points.
The Club of Egypt has played 16 games and has 11 points.

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos is considering leaving!

German midfielder Toni Kroos came to Real Madrid with the news that surprised all the Spanish fans, the news of his departure from the royal club at the end of his season with Real, after he was subjected to many criticisms in the current season by fans and Spanish newspapers because of his decline in the competition He's playing with the club.

According to the Spanish newspaper "S": That Kroos, who started playing for Real Madrid since 2014, coming from Bayern Munich offers the worst performance of his season with the royal club, and has played 228 games with Real Madrid, scored only 13 goals, made 59 goals for his team, and ends the contract of Kroos with his club in M 2022.

As added "S" that "Manchester United" is the first team that Kroos is considering moving to, and the Man United were soon to get the player before joining Real Madrid

"I'm 33 now and I think it's a good time to think about leaving, so it won't last long and I think it's time to leave," Said Toni Kroos in an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca.

Toni Kroos has won 12 titles with Real Madrid and is now fluent in Spanish and has good relations with his team-mates.

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane will decide whether or not the player is in his plans for next season with the team.

The latest developments in the Coronavirus. Deadly virus

The toll in Hubei Province showed an increase in the number of cases of deadly virus to 2,103 in just 24 hours.

This led to a rise in the number of people infected with MERS-CoV throughout China and around the world, with the number of people infected with the virus reaching 17,238 in China and around the world, the number of infections reached 17,480.  Measures to protect its citizens with this deadly disease (deadly virus).

According to Reuters, Japan has taken precautions by developing secret ly-diagnosed groups by conducting tests to diagnose the deadly coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a passion for the Chinese economy:

China's losses amounted to about 9 percent of the coronavirus as it became a source of fear and panic for investors in China, which led to the decline of the Chinese economy.

As for the Chinese economy, the first trading session after the Lunar New Year holiday lasted three days in Beijing. The main index on the Shanghai Stock Exchange lost 8.73 percent, and the Hong Kong index fell 0.17 percent to 26,000.

During the holiday, global stock indices continued to fall and losses piled up due to investor concerns about the consequences of the coronavirus, which in turn is affecting China's economy, the world's second largest economy.

China breaks record and builds hospital within seven days

With the terrifying spread of the Coronavirus, a state of terror as in science fiction films, China has prepared one of its largest hospitals in just seven days, declaring its readiness to fight the deadly disease.

The Chinese government has established Hoshanshan Hospital in Wuhan, a city where the disease is based, to set the record for the fastest hospital construction, which was built in just seven days, one of two other hospitals to be built soon.

The 25,000-meter Hoshanshan Hospital is in area and construction was launched on January 24, and it is assumed that the hospital was built specifically to combat Corona disease, which has so far had more than 304 deaths and more than 1,400 cases of HIV infection.

There are 100 cases of HIV infection in 22 other countries, of which one death has been recorded in the Philippines.

It is worth mentioning that the spread of the epidemic exceeded the statistics of the SARS epidemic, which invaded the world in 2003, where 'it spread in only 20 countries and recorded 8,100 cases of HIV infection.

The hospital has a capacity of 1,000 people, and China is known to have completed large projects quickly.

Ahmed Morteza Mansour we will play the super game in case of approval of zamalek requests and the response of the president of the caf

Ahmed Morteza Mansour, son of zamalek president yesterday, confirmed yesterday the on stadium program that is broadcast on on on the channel on sport that he spoke with the president of the caf "Ahmed Ahmed" regarding the holding of the super game in Qatar and explained the president of the caf that zamalek requests are all answered, where the president of zamalek club Zamalek Mansour asked al-Kaf to secure the mission in Qatar  Zamalek president warned in case of not writing a note from the Qatari side to secure zamalek mission we did not play the game, and the response of the president of the caf that all zamalek requests are answered.

Zamalek's hardest February

On the other hand zamalek club is preparing for several important matches in February where Zamalek begins the march of the Premier League again agaianst the border guard club scheduled for Wednesday, 5/2/2020 and then meet Zamalek team Ismaili scheduled for next Sunday, 9/2/2020, and then the white knight goes to Qatar To face the Tunisian team in the African Super Championship to be held on 14/2/2020 at the stadium of al-Gharafa team Qatar, then returns from Qatar to face al-Ahly egyptian in the Egyptian Super Championship scheduled for 20/2/2020 and then concludes the matches of February against al-Ahli once Another in the Egyptian Premier League.

Ben Sharqi ready for The African Super and Egyptian Super Games

The doctor of the white knight confirmed that the player Ashraf Ben Sharqi will be ready in the game of The African Super on February 14 and the Egyptian Super on February 20 and will not catch up with the game border guards and Ismaili.

Al Ahli's next meeting with Pyramids

After the return of al-Ahli mission from Sudan, al-Ahli players take a short break to resume training again in preparation for meeting Pyramids in the framework of the Egyptian Premier League matches, where Al Ahli tops the list of the Premier League with thirty-five points it has scored from winning all its matches He played with other clubs to become a record-breaking victory, reaching twelve times in a row, and it was the last season for al-Ahli to win more than once in a row with Manuel Jose season 2004, and on the other hand the club Pyramids is in third place with twenty-six points and is characterized by the performance of Ni Aal because it includes a team of players characterized by high technical skills to make him technically close with Al Ahli club and Zamalek club, and is expected to meet al-Ahli with Pyramids on Thursday, February 6th at 7:30 pm Arab Republic of Egypt and 8:30 pm Evening Saudi Arabia time, 9:30 pm UAE time and 11:30 pm GMT.

The story of the scientist Mohamed Salah with his cars

We all know the Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah, the wing of the English team Liverpool, and our talk this time has nothing to do with the green rectangle and the ball, but we will talk about the fleet of cars of the star Mohamed Salah. Salah goes to training every day, and every time he goes to training in a different car. Let's get to know the cars owned by Mohamed Salah.

Bentley Continental

It is the latest car of star Mohamed Salah, and is considered the favorite car Bentley Continental GT for many football players, where it came in second place as the most rented cars by the stars of the English League in 2019, which is not surprising after the maid of the Range Rover SVR which reaches The price is around £160,000, and the car features a luxurious interior design, as well as comfortable leather seats, while in terms of performance, its top speed is 210 miles per hour and is designed from the UK with a V12 engine. And when liverpool fans immediately know that it is salah's car, one of the children recently ran behind salah's car "Bentley" to get the signature of our Egyptian star, and was injured after he collided in a lamp during the run, and when he saw Salah that he stopped the car and made sure that the child is healthy, and then achieved his dream and took pictures with him.

Lamborgini Aventador

It is the Italian high-speed car, with the fastest engine in Mohamed Salah's fleet. The car is worth £271,000 and is also owned by Gabonese striker Pierre Aubameyang.
The engine is capable of reaching a top speed of 218 miles per hour, and can reach the speed of the Lamborghini Aventador.

Mercedes Pines

It is one of the most expensive cars sold by Mercedes ever, with the price of the car 176 thousand pounds, and despite that expensive price, Salah did not back down from buying it, he receives a basic salary of 200 thousand pounds per week.
With a 6.3-liter V8 engine with a 571 hp drive, it is a car with amazing potential, with a top speed of 197 mph and a speed of 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

Mercedes AMG GLE

When players go to training, they like to have a big engine, which is why they own four-wheel drive cars like range rover and Bentley Bentija.
But it's different with Mohamed Salah, who admires the elegant look of the Mercedes AMG GLE Coupé, which features a 3.0-litre Twin-Turbo V6 engine, which produces 367 horsepower, it's the perfect engine for him to go to The Melwood Training Ground and get there in time.

Audi Q7Priced at £4.5million, Audi is always a reasonable choice when you want to buy a powerful engine, with confidence and performance being the two things the German car giant boasts, and Q7 is the highlight of those releases.

Many of Barcelona's leading stars use The Audi Q7 to get to and from training until the end of the club's sponsorship contract with Catalans, salah got one when he returned to the English Premier League with Liverpool, after starring in Rome.

Toyota Camry

It is the first car bought by Mohamed Salah after going to England, which is priced at 29 thousand pounds and although the car is good, but it is difficult to compare it currently to the fleet of luxury cars owned by the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

Sadio Mane's injury and absence cause shock for Liverpool

The Reds managed to own the top of the league achieved victory in 23 consecutive games and away from the nearest rivals "Manchester City" by 16 points, and the Team Liverpool continues to move forward and achieve the title of the league leader he dreamed of three seasons, where he achieved a hard victory over the team" Wolverhampton" 2-0 goal in the 24th round, but lost Senegalese striker Sadio Mane due to injury sustained during the game, scored the first goal captain Jordan Henderson, and then the striker Mani was injured and had to get out of the field, then equalised Wolverhampton with a goal Through mexican striker Raúl Jimenez, And Liverpool began to retreat but the player "Firmino" saved the team from the loss which will be the first loss in the league, and scored the winning goal

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp has revealed how bad lying Sadio Mane's injury and the length of his absence from some matches in the coming period.

He also added: Manny's injury is a small muscle strain, but it's serious enough, and we're lucky he's not too serious, so Manny won't be available with us in the next three games.

Xavi Hernandez looking to lead Barca “My dream is to train Spanish giants”

Xavi Hernandez admitted that his dream is to train the Catalan club, and he explained that he had communicated with his former club Barcelona, ​​and talks between them were under pressure on the coach (Ernesto Valverde), who is under severe criticism, and there were reports confirming that Xavi would take over the training of the Spanish club.

Statements Xavi Hernandez

It is mentioned that the player made a distinguished appearance in Barcelona in his 17-year career in the club, and Chafee, who now runs the Qatari Al Sadd club, confirmed that he had contacted with the sports director (Eric Abidal) and CEO (Oscar Grau) during the weekend, but he did not reveal Maddar Between them.

He told the press conference of Al-Sadd Club after defeating Al-Rayyan to reach the Emir of Qatar Cup final saying: “I cannot hide that my dream is to train Barcelona because I support Barcelona in the bottom of my heart, but I do my work here, I was focusing on the semi-final and now I focus on a match The final ”, and the sports director of the dam (Muhammad Ghulam Al Balushi) confirmed that Hernandez was negotiating to return to Barcelona, ​​and we wish him success wherever he decided to go.

But the two hours were not enough to persuade the club to provide Chave with a deal to lead Barca, as the club's name was associated with many names such as (Roberto Martins), (Ronaldo Coman) and (Thierry Henry).

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